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Bread Basket – Yvette Collection


Yvette Green Bread Basket is approximately 12″x12″ when flat. It makes a very elegant bread roll basket with a classic Provence design that will never be outdated. It can also be sued for fruits, appetizers, etc.. It will sure be a great compliment to your table for any occasions.

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Our Provence Yvette Bread Basket ┬áis approximately 12″ x 12″ when flat, it can be used as a breadbasket for slices of bread or rolls, but also as a pastry basket, cookie basket, fruit basket, any kind of basket. One of our favorite usage while traveling: take it with you everywhere as it is very light and lays flat in your suit case, built in in seconds when you arrive in you hotel room, put all your keys, cards, and change in it – this way you know always where everything is.
Like our Place Mat, it is double sided; made with 2 layers of quilted fabric 100% cotton pre-washed and pre-shrunk with a thick interface in the middle. It is also hand finished with a bias binding all around to give it more durability. It has 2 ties per corner that can be undone for washing. And like the rest of the product line we use the same pattern and colors to match every single item beautifully. It can be used for bread, pastries, bread rolls, fruits, etc..

Product Description

  • Brfead Basket Exclusive Design: Yvette
  • Available Size: 12″x12″ (*) flat.
  • Available color: Green.
  • Basket for rolls, fruit, etc..
  • French Country Fabric in the typical Design & Colors of Provence
  • Double Sided
  • Reversible
  • 100% Cotton – Hand Finished with a strong and lasting bias binding
  • Pre-washed & Pre-shrunk
  • Machine Wash
  • Hand Made
  • (*) Approximate Size



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